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Long-term Relationship Realities

The truths about long-distance relationships

Mommy & Maggie

1. You don’t have to see each other every day. If you can, then why not? But you don’t have to nag each other about you or your partner coming over just because you haven’t seen a glimpse of each other for the day (yet). For long distance relationships, if you can insert that five-minute Facetime before you head for work (and before he hits the sack), then great. However, you don’t feel it a requirement for you to start your day right and for him to cap his day off with it. And this isn’t about not making time for seeing each other, it’s just that you’ve reached a point in your relationship when you’ve realized the difference about being there and being clingy. Minus the Skype, Facetime and whatever video call apps you use, you are present. And he knows that.

2. You don’t have to update each…

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